World Projects aims to present music events for instrumental & choral ensembles that provide students with not only a unforgettable tour but more specifically inspirational performance opportunities, first hand cultural exchange and to further sharing through music across the globe. Each festival is created specifically for music ensembles, and World Projects caters for this accordingly.

Customized Performance Tours provide an alternative to participating in a Festival, and can offer more flexibility in terms of time of year and where you wish to travel. World Projects is able to work with you to thoroughly customize any performance tour, based on what you would like included, and also what we can recommend to you.

World Projects LogoWorld Projects is the international leader in providing musicians from around the globe with life changing experiences through travel. World Projects was established in 1984 as a company specializing in the organization of international performance tours originally for American and Japanese student music programs.

The enthusiastic response revealed an unmet demand for interaction and exchange between musicians of different cultures and led to the foundation of the Pacific Basin Music Festival of Honolulu, now the most popular band/chorus/orchestra event in the Pacific.

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