• View of the mountains of South Africa from Lesotho
  • “The choice of accommodation was outstanding, as was the coach transport.  All the children in my orchestra made many new friends in their travels, as they performed for children and high schoolers."

    Margaret Leong
    Nova Youth Orchestra
    St. Ives, NSW
  • "During my 33 years of teaching music, I have never experienced the thrill and excitement from 117 students that I did during our week-long concert tour in London."
    Lawrence Corio
    Director of Bands
    Irvington High School
  • “I have worked with World Projects many times …. They are great.  Much better than anyone else we have used.  They make the tour a MUSIC centered experience, not a performance with a Theme Park ticket!”


    Jill Denny
    Director of Choirs
    Mountain View High School, CA
  • "From the very beginning, working with you and World Projects has been effortless. You and your staff were always quick to respond to our questions, helped organize all of our excursions, and made for a positive week for me, my students and chaperones.”

    Phil Peters
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    Valley High School
    West Des Moines, IA

A Unique Destination
By Phillip Hobson, World Projects' Project Manager

One of the great undiscovered destinations for performing groups, South Africa provides a rewarding musical, cultural and travel experience.  Its gracious and optimistic people and numerous performance and exchange opportunities will provide a life-changing experience for your musical organization.


Kruger Park



National Flower


Prison buildings on Robben Island

Drakensburg Mountains


St. Mark's Anglican Cathedral


Tortoise Sign


Weskus Nasionale


South Africa Rhino


Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Pilanesberg Game Reserve


Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Pilanesberg Game Reserve



 With destinations as diverse as the beaches and mountains of the Cape; the amazing history (and current growth) of Johannesburg and Pretoria and their surrounding townships; the natural and cultural wealth of the “Cradle of Mankind; and the opportunities for viewing wildlife in Kruger National Park or Pilanesburg National Park, South Africa is an incredibly varied destination.

Kruger National Park

Performance opportunities abound in South Africa. First-class professional concert halls, university and cultural center venues, churches and cathedrals, and unique opportunities to perform for medical clinics, orphanages, etc. provide a wealth of performance settings for all types of musical ensembles. Of course, highlights of any South African Performance Tour would include performance and cultural exchanges with local groups.

Map of South Africa

 Cape Peninsula

Located where the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean meet, the Cape Peninsula is a stunningly beautiful area of the world. The city of Cape Town with its dramatic Tabletop Mountain as a backdrop is a world-class cosmopolitan destination. With its stunning climate, beautiful beaches, wonderful shopping and cultural icons such as Robbin Island (where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 years), Cape Town is a favored destination for any who travel to South Africa.

Cape Town Waterfront


Sightseeing abounds in the vicinity of Cape Town – the dramatic Cape Peninsula (with its penguin colonies and gracious villages), the stunning wine country of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, and the gorgeous Garden Route are within easy distance of Cape Town.

Johannesburg / Pretoria / Cradle of Humankind

Less than 2 decades after the end of Apartheid, South Africa’s recovery from this dark period is nothing short of a miracle. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Johannesburg is South Africa’s economic capital - a great mix of African & European cultures. Nowhere is the struggle for freedom better illustrated than in visiting the museums and townships of Johannesburg and talking to its people. A visit to the Johannesburg township of Soweto is an amazing opportunity to see the great contrasts of the past and present, poverty and progress of modern South Africa.

Pretoria (a short 1 hour drive from Johannesburg) is one of South Africa’s political capitals. A gracious and pretty city, Pretoria is a wonderful place to explore South Africa’s European culture.

Also, close by to Johannesburg is the Cradle of Humankind where our bipedal ancestors first walked the earth. The museums, caves and archeological digs of this region provide a great opportunity to explore our shared human origins.

Kruger Park

Pilanesburg National Park / Kruger National Park

No visit to South Africa is complete without a visit to one of its national parks / wildlife preserves to see elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, buffalo, etc. in their natural habitat. Pilanesburg National Park is an easy and convenient daytrip from Johannesburg. Kruger National Park, one of the premier national parks of the world is one of the best places in the world to see African wildlife in their natural habitat.

There are many other opportunities to visit wildlife in South Africa as well – visits to lion or elephant preserves can give your group a chance to get up close to some of these amazing animals (including an opportunity to pet an actual lion cub).

As with all World Projects tours, your tour will include accommodations and meals to suit your group and comfortable ground transportation. You will be accompanied by South African tour mangers / translators who will concentrate on the logistics of the tour allowing you to focus on the music. We look forward to creating a tour that is customized to fit your musical needs.

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