• Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • "During my 33 years of teaching music, I have never experienced the thrill and excitement from 117 students that I did during our week-long concert tour in London."
    Lawrence Corio
    Director of Bands
    Irvington High School
  • “I have worked with World Projects many times …. They are great.  Much better than anyone else we have used.  They make the tour a MUSIC centered experience, not a performance with a Theme Park ticket!”


    Jill Denny
    Director of Choirs
    Mountain View High School, CA
  • "From the very beginning, working with you and World Projects has been effortless. You and your staff were always quick to respond to our questions, helped organize all of our excursions, and made for a positive week for me, my students and chaperones.”

    Phil Peters
    Orchestra Director
    Valley High School
    West Des Moines, IA
  • “The choice of accommodation was outstanding, as was the coach transport.  All the children in my orchestra made many new friends in their travels, as they performed for children and high schoolers."

    Margaret Leong
    Nova Youth Orchestra
    St. Ives, NSW

Entrance your student with the culture, history, and passion that is found in Brazil.
By Rita Cook, adapted from Teach and Travel Magazine - November 2010

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, covers more area than the continental United States. It is home to 185 million inhabitants, and features seventeen UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city of Rio de Janeiro is an extension of the vibrant life seen everywhere in the country

A Great Undiscovered Destination!
By Phillip Hobson, World Projects Project Manager

One of the great undiscovered destinations for performing groups, Argentina provides an amazing musical, cultural and travel experience. With destinations such as the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires - “the Paris of South America;” the gaucho towns and “estancias” of the Pampas; the Spanish colonial city of Cordoba; the beautiful bodegas and parks of Mendoza situated in the foothills of the stunning Andes Mountains; the thundering falls and tropical exuberance of Iguazu Falls, Argentina is as diverse a destination as anywhere on earth

Now Is The Time To Make Your Plans!
By Saul Charlesworth, World Projects Project Manager

I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil on a setup trip to learn not only about the wonderful culture and group touring sites on offer but also about the musical opportunities available to visiting bands, choirs and orchestras.

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